Every one wish is to collect their most liking movies, videos and TV shows. Even though there are plenty of platforms and apps to download all these contents peeps yet haven’t find ease. If you are searching for an effortless way to get your entire favorite media files on your device then stop discovering and move on to Vidmate.

Vidmate is an app specially designed to download videos, movies, TV shows, and series. You will have the finite downloading process in a seamless way. No matter how large is the file you choose to download it will easily download without an issue. Especially all the content is accessible cost-free to download. This one solid feature is enough to prove Vidmate is an “Authentic” application to obtain all your lovely multimedia files in a trouble-free way on your device.

Why choose Vidmate in predominant?

If you were hectic, why have to use this app when there are a lot more apps in the market. Of course, plenty of applications are available but what about its aspects. You never find an app that offers user-friendly facets alike Vidmate. That’s the way the app stand first in the middle of the million. To make you clear here the features of Vidmate provided. Look and then make a conclusion,



  • As mentioned, the contents reachable in the app are completely liberated. No matter about the type of file, be it movie or video you can download it without spending even a bit of penny.
  • When you choose to download any content, it offers various resolution and format options such as 320p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. It supports high resolution without any constraints.
  • Likelihood formats like AVI, Mp3, Mp4 and many more. From this, you can choose any for your content. The content will save in the format you choose.
  • Vidmate allows its users to access 20+ platforms to download their favorite contents. You can easily go to the site such as YouTube and much more in order to download media files.
  • Once you search for any content then it delivers a million suggestions. In the list of content go for the one you searched. Thus, you no need to check any site in order to download the file.
  • If you want audio alone from a video no need to go for other apps. Vidmate itself integrated with an audio converting feature. Click on the Mp3 format once you choose a video to download. That’s it; the video content will save in the audio format.
  • Regardless of the file size, you will get an eye blinking speed download. In particular, this feature called “Advanced downloads” in the new version of Vidmate.
  • In the new version, you allowed downloading more than three files in a row that mentioned as multiple download Irrespective of the speed of your internet.

What is so special in Vidmate?

Vidmate app itself is a special one why because none of the apps offers these much flexible downloads to the users. This is what the reason for millions of users worldwide for this app. However if you ask unique things in Vidmate here comes,



  • It has provided with “Time filter” feature, this feature will completely filter ads and then pop-ups that interrupt your downloading experience.
  • For the ones who wish to save the downloaded content desperate from the eyes of others. It offers a “Passcode” option. You enabled to watch that content only when you provide the correct “Passcode”.
  • Have you ever heard about a download manager that let users customize download? Vidmate has such facet; this app download manager has so many options such as pause, resume, and stop. Hereby you can easily customize the current downloading process the way you want. Anyhow, you choose to pause the download and then resume it will start from the place where it stopped.
  • Watching TV shows, sports contents, news, and other entertainment things online live. Along with various sites, Vidmate offers plenty of TV channels to watch your desirable contents.
  • Users can easily pick any language contents from regional to international. No language barrier you can search for any language songs since it supports more than 20 languages.
  • Here Podcasts available that makes you connect with your most favorite persons. Since they post about their live and share their experience.
  • Using themed podcasts, you all set to check out about mathematical, history and engineering as well. You also allowed downloading podcasts in order to watch it even offline.
  • If you feel that, the downloading speed is slow then as a user, you can change the download speed. Therefore, you will get a faster and flawless way.
  • Not only download you also send and receive media files. The one that your friend has can be easily transferable just by clicking on the Wi-Fi option. Vice versa, you also enabled to send the media file you have in your device.
  • Finally, yet importantly, Vidmate has user-friendly options that you can’t able to get in any other apps. You can also able to easily discover and download any multimedia contents on your choice in this app. For both search and download, it takes some seconds alone. Just by clicking on the content you want, you can witness it starts to download in your required quality and format as well.

Is Vidmate flexible?

Seriously, you never regret in any occasion. You will experience great downloading and watching experience here. In case, you choose to download files from other sites,

  1. Go to the Vidmate app and then pick the platform where your likely content resides.
  2. Search for the content then chooses the quality and format.
  3. That is all it’s very simple and convenient to use the app for all content download.

What are the steps to follow while downloading Vidmate?

When comes to download Vidmate you are enabled to download it on any of your convenient devices. The steps are similar but some difference will come if you choose to download it on the PC. Track out both the steps here and then pick the flexible one.


In order to download Vidmate, you are sought-after on your handset to search the source file outside the Google Play store. Vidmate application has so many aspects that are against Google thus this app removed from the platform. Nevertheless, you can easily download it by searching other sites like 9Apps. Look for the steps to carry out.

  • Enter “Vidmate” in the search bar and then you will have resulted with so many websites.
  • Track out the site where you see the Vidmate source file.
  • Check for the source file by searching until the bottom.
  • Click on the “Download” button provided on the page.
  • Once you click on the button, the file will start to download on your device.
  • Wait until the download gets complete when you identify that the file downloaded leave it as such instead of opening it.
  • Now, look at your handset for the option of “Phone Settings”.
  • When you found click on the “Settings” it will take you to another settings page.
  • Here track for the “Device Management” or “Device Administration”
  • Tap over the Device Management after that check for “Unknown source”
  • The moment you see, the above-given option enable or switch on it
  • Once you enable your device will screen a notification “Turning on this will harm device data” click “Ok” and then continue.
  • Finally, go to the downloaded file, there click and open the downloaded Vidmate source file.

That’s all Vidmate will install on your device. As a notification, the app icon will display on your device. It shows the app installed and you all set to use it.

For PC:

Of course, you can use this app even in your Windows PC, Laptop. There is no much variation if you choose Vidmate to download on your device. The downloading process will be the same, as you ought to download the source file from platform of 9Apps and other. However, in order to install this app on the PC, you must follow the underneath steps.

  • Make sure that your PC has Bluestacks Android Emulator. Only when your PC has this software you can able to install and use Vidmate.
  • If you are PC, have not Bluestacks then do download and install it at first.
  • Once Bluestacks installed click and open the software. Obviously, it takes 40 to 50 seconds to open since it is huge size software.
  • When the tool open look for the options such as “My Apps” “Center” and others.
  • From these tabs click on “My Apps” after that you will be taken to the next page where you can locate “+” sign
  • Click on the “+” symbol a window will display in that locate the downloaded Vidmate file and choose “Open”.
  • Finally, Vidmate will get installed on your PC. Thus, obtain all your favorite multimedia files and watch happily.

Thereby, Vidmate is an outstanding app that let you download any media files such as movies, video songs, TV shows, series, and Sports contents and so on. If you want to get even more super exciting features of Vidmate app then keep on update the app. Certainly, you will undergo the best multimedia watching experience.